These are the best first words, according to a math expert

Play Wordle?

When fans aren't playing Wordle, they're likely scouring the internet for tips and tricks on how to solve those daily puzzles quickly.

A math expert who runs the YouTube channel 3Blue1Brown used information theory to determine the best word to start with when approaching any puzzle.

If you play Wordle, you know that after you attempt a guess, the letters change colors to signal how close you are to the answer.

In the video, posted Feb. 6, Sanderson was able to determine the optimal guess providing the best information about the answer, using math and his algorithm.

The best starting word to use?


Sanderson said other words like "trace" and "crate" also delivered good results as first words.

Wordle has become this year's hit game, with countless players opening their web browsers each morning for the daily puzzle.

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