Refreshing Smoothies  For Summer

Here are some refreshing smoothies that are perfect  for summer.

Watermelon smoothie

Including watermelon smoothie to your summer diet is a great idea as it is packed with the goodness of watermelon, mint leaves and lemon juice

Mango pineapple smoothie

It is a perfect lip-smacking combo of mango and pineapple. Garnish this refreshing smoothie with slices of mangoes and pineapples before serving

Banana and honey smoothie

Relish this banana and honey smoothie in the morning as  it is a perfect blend of  nutrition and energy

Berry smoothie

It is a refreshing and healthy combination of fruits and yoghurt. You can enjoy it as a breakfast or as a mid-day snack

Oat milk smoothie

This smoothie is healthy, refreshing and full of flavours. You can add a dash of maple syrup to make it more sweet